A collaboration of Studio Hamerhaai
and artist Annemiek van Duin

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The Rijksmeesters: the newest member of the Rijkswachter family.
The Rijkswachter robots are made of the transport crates of the Dutch Rijksmuseum. You can discover which piece of art they protected by entering the unique code on his back at
Now, there is an extra dimension: there is art ón the Rijkswachter! They become Rijksmeesters (RijksMASTERS)

Artist Annemiek van Duin paints these Rijkswachters by hand.
She wanders through the archives of the Rijksmuseum and chooses the art that moves her. But especially those pieces of art she can “fold” around the robot. Every Rijksmeester is unique, because éven if Annemiek uses the same painting as inspiration, she chooses a different detail to feature.

Click here for al the Rijksmeesters Annemiek painted.

Do you love a specific Rijksmuseum artwork? And would you love to have it painted on a Rijkswachter?
Order your own custom made Rijksmeester!

Order a custom made Rijksmeester


About Annemiek
If Annemiek van Duin was born in the Golden Age, she would have become a master forger. She now makes wearable art like handpainted and handmade bags.
And she transforms Rijkswachters into Rijksmeesters by painting her beloved Rijksmuseum art on the robots.

Annemiek (1976) started at the Fashion academy, but she never limits herself to one material. If she finds a technique that’s interesting, she will get to the bottom of it and will only stop if she has mastered the technique.



About Studio Hamerhaai
Studio Hamerhaai designs and makes Dutch Design. From waste! In every design you can see our love for wood with a previous life, coated steel and our preference for simplicity.
Dutch Design. Designed and made by us.. you could even call it artisanal.
Designs worth the story to tell, made from materials we reused in a surprising way. We use the transport crates of the Rijksmuseum but also the jerrycans of our local snack bar.

(Yes, that’s sustainable design. But for us, that’s only natural. We would hate to let materials go to waste. On top of that: there’s so much more to tell about a design made from reused materials! And we love to tell stories.. )