Would you like a Rijksmeester painted with a specific Rijksmuseum artwork? That’s possible!

Please read the conditions, because (unfortunately) we can’t use every artwork.

* look up the artwork at the Rijksstudio
* check if the artwork is downloadable (at the right bottom of the image there is a button “beeld downloaden”). If this button not there and you see “deze afbeelding mag niet gedownload worden i.v.m. auteursrechten”. If that’s the case, the copyright doesn’t belong to the Rijksmuseum and we can’t use it for a Rijksmeester.
* Put the title of the artwork and the link to the Rijksstudio at the “order notes” at check out.
* If you have specific wishes & requests, you can also put them at the order notes.

Please note:
* Artist Annemiek van Duin honors your wishes, but she does have artistic freedom. Her interpretation on putting the artwork at the Rijksmeester is final.
* This is a custom made order, and you can’t return it.
* It’s possible the artwork you chose will be used again on another Rijksmeester. But Annemiek will always make sure she will put another detail of the artwork in the spotlight or “fold” it in another way around the Rijksmeester.
* Pleae note the delivery time is 4 weeks.

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