Coffee table of a felled tree

€ 550,-

Giving a felled tree a new life, that’s what we love to do!

First we let the slices of wood dry. When drying, the wood sometimes tears. That’s great! We repare (and accentuate) the tear with a beautiful wooden joint.

The legs are 2 white coated steel frames and those frames are sunken into the surface of the table.

We finished the table with a satin polyurethan varnish.

Every tree is different! For example, this is a chestnut tree. But it depends on the trees that are taken down here in the neigbourhood.

The sizes can differ too. But you know for sure you have a unique coffee table!

To give you some insights: the height of the table is 80 cm, the table top is around the 35cm by 80 cm.

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