12 October 2017

Amsterdam ArenA Stadion seats by Studio Hamerhaai

Waste with a story.

For twenty years, visitors were seated at the chairs of the Amsterdam ArenA stadion. People watched soccer games, concerts and other events on them.
From the championship of Ajax to the concerts of the Rolling Stones: the chairs endured love, anger, enthousiasm, sadness and euphoria.
Now they are replaced and Studio Hamerhaai can get started!

The Amsterdam ArenA stadion collaborated with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Amsterdam Made and asked a couple of Amsterdam based designers to make a new design with the old seats. Just what we love to do!

After 20 years of loyal service, we thought the chairs needed a break. They should retire. So we made sure to make a design with a more relaxed attitude. The active chair can relax a bit!
A chair for your dining table, or as a stand alone in your living room or office. A chair on which you enjoy your food, but also a chair to spend some time after dinner talking.

Studio Hamerhaai loves contrasts. So in contrast of the organic forms of the seat and back, we placed the geometric forms of the steel frame.
We placed the frame outside of the seat & back, so make sure the contrast pops.
The frame is made from rest material from our next door neigbor, a steelworker.

The steel frame is matt black coated, for again, another contrast: matt black versus shiny red.

It’s the first prototype, so we need to fine tune it a bit more. But our design is already on displace at the Dutch Design Week at the Work In Progress on Stage. exhibition at the Klokgebouw.

And we will speak at the DRIVE festival at the NATlab, Thursday 26th october.