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who’s behind studio hamerhaai?

boudewijn van den bosch

* sees new possibilities in old things * specialty beers * homemade pizza’s * storyteller (audience: daughters of 4 and 7 y/old) * avid listener of podcasts * cycling (especially watching, sometimes on the road) * loves change * vinyl addict * old jazz & soul *



niki schoondergang

* green heart * big reader of ebooks * lasagna * loves to observe * streetart * singer (audience: daughters of 4 and 7 y/old) * dance like no one is watching * concerts in small music venues * sews her own clothes * dining with friends *


Dutch design from waste.

Studio Hamerhaai designs and makes their own products. In every design you can see our love for wood with a previous life,  coated steel and our preference for simplicity.

Dutch Design.

You could even call it artisanal..

Designs worth the story to tell, made from materials we reused in a surprising way. We use the transport crates of the Rijksmuseum but also the jerrycans of our local snack bar.
(Yes, that’s sustainable design. But for us, that’s only natural. We would hate to let materials go to waste. On top of that: there’s so much more to tell about a design made from reused materials! And we love to tell stories.. )

An example is our Rijkswachters project.

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Do you like our designs, but do you want a custom design? That’s possible! Send us a message and we’ll get back to you!

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